1800s Grand Wheeler Ten-Light Reflector Chandelier

I’ve been doing this a while and in all the years I rarely get my hands on a one like this. The double reflectors are mirrored on the outer ring ahd the inner cone is leaded milk glass. The impressive diameter is over 40 inches in diameter. This was a grand lamp that was built to impress. The original tubular donut fuel tank holds eight lamps and is crafted from 3 inch diameter brass. Each joint is mitered to create a large continuous ring. The underside of the fuel ring very unique and ornate. Something we have never seen and must have been a custom factory detail. Every font has been converted and wired for light bulbs. It’s ready to go. These lamps were mostly found lobbies of 1800s playhouses or government buildings. They don’t get showier than this. The lamp is unsigned but could be from the Wheeler Lighting and Reflector Complay…. 60″ tall x 40″ diameter… $7500

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