Double Teardrop Vaseline Chandelier

The size and the color of this glass on this double shade chandelier is amazing. It’s one of the largest hand blown teardrop shades of this type that we have ever offered. The shape has the look of an early Edison light bulb only larger. The color is a unique and pleasing combination of Vaseline and opaline glass. It has the warmth of the Vaseline glass when lit and a bit of the iridescence found in French opal glass when the lamp is off. The glass color reminds me of grapefruit juice. It has just enough transparency to show the bulb filament and still be easy to look at. Notice the hand blown tip at the bottom of the shade. We only have a handful of these fixtures. The total length of the fixture pictured is 40 inches but we can easily alter the length to your specs. $900 each

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