Large Rare 1901 Humphery Gas Lamps, Electrified

From the start we were drawn to the simple elegance found in utilitarian objects. In addition there needs to be a unique and different feel to every object we pick. That’s what draws us to these gas age lamps. Not the ornate but the simple turn of the century examples found in stores, train stations and municipal buildings. These lamps have a quality and charm all their own. The Humphery Lamp Company has been around since 1901 and they are still manufacturing. Their large early fixtures were used to light streets in western U.S. towns. The example pictured above is from the companies first year of production. This lamp has survived intact with all it’s original glass. The clear glass globe is still boldly signed “The Humphery”. All the white porcelain and gold trim parts are intact. We were able to electrify the lamp with two sockets and not destroy any of the original gas parts. These lamps are priced per so you can buy just on or the pair… H 32 in. x Dm 9 in…. $1200 per lamp

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