Pair of 1800s Dayton Railroad Dining Car Sconces

It’s rare when you have the chance to purchase objects from an individuals lifelong collection. The depth of knowledge and network of this important collector/expert can’t be duplicated. We had the opportunity to see these lamps first-hand and acquire some of the best examples. Thats why we closed shop for almost a week and drove half way across the country. This is one of the rare early decorative train car lamps from this collection. Few of these luxury class Victorian RR lamps still exist. Any remaining examples have found their way into museums some time ago. This was the type and quality wall lamp used in private luxury Pullman cars of that era. They were also part of the elaborate personal train cars built for The Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s. This is a beautiful matching pair of original sconces. They still retain the lift out tank and valve. It also has a dark blue porcelain coated shade. We even wired the small glass bottom drip cup for light. Everything was carefully wired to preserve the original character of this beautiful piece of railroad history. One of the lamps is signed by the Dayton Manufacturing Company and the second is unsigned but exactly the same. These are priced and sold as a pair…18″ tall x 10″ wide… 17″ deep… $3600 for the pair.

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