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Antique & Custom Lighting

Early Electrics is a small innovative lighting company. Our design studio has credentials that go back to Raymond Loewy and Philip Johnson. Here at Early Electrics you will find antique lighting, original designs using antique parts and trend setting limited editions of our own design. All of it is hand-crafted in our shop to order. Almost everything offered can only be found in our showroom and on this website. We do not wholesale to other stores. For that reason we have become the fresh and unique source for architects and interior decorators.

We cut our teeth on industrial lighting and have tried to stay close to that esthetic including; street lamps, factory, commercial, municipal and medical lighting… But we didn’t stop there. You will see examples that were created before the light bulb. These early 19th Century gems were fueled by gas, oil and kerosene but now wired for electric and have a look all their own. Some of the Mid- Century Modern examples are amazing. The variety, inventiveness and striking space age quality just can’t be ignored. Part of the fun is in discovering new things and growing.

We are now housed in an 1880’s landmark building facing the Hudson River. This space has been transformed into a showcase filled with antiques and lighting now open to the public.



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