Early Electrics Lights Up Connecticut’s New Pilates Barn.

During the planning stages Early Electrics was called upon to build a collection of lamps using rare antique blue industrial wire glass. Our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lamps were their first choice. The blue glass fit the studio’s color scheme and mood perfectly. They also chose our petite three cage chandelier to grace the entrance way.

Pilates Barn is Grand Opening on June 6 of 2011. After months of preparation and hard work, Lori Richardson and Andrea Van Ostenbridge now pull back the curtain to reveal a new Pilates experience in Madison, CT. At the Pilates Barn you will find a sun filled studio balanced with aqua colored walls, Blue glass industrial lighting, light wood floors, and a serene waterfall. This relaxing environment allows for full awareness of your mind and body preparing you for the intense workout that lies ahead.

Skeletal Industrial Blue Wire Glass Pendent Lamp… $550 each
Petite 3 Cage Industrial Chandelier… $750 each

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