Eren Berg Studios New 4 Panel Luxfer Pendent

We are now manufacturing these Frank Lloyd Wright inspired lamps using antique Luxfer glass. Each lamp has four 5″x 5″ original 1890’s “Luxfer” prism glass panels. Luxfer glass is very collectable and best known for their association with Frank Lloyd Wright. He designed and held 41 prism glass patents. This special glass was the product of the “Gas Lamp Age”. The electric lamp was not yet in use so any additional light that could be brought into a building was a great benefit. These original panels were salvaged from the front transoms of Turn-Of-The-Century buildings. There they were used to refract light hitting the building and carry it deep into the interior. The use of manganese in the original manufacturing process, combined with over a 100 years of sun light are responsible for turning the glass from clear to this beautiful purple/lavender. This lamp measures 8.25″ x 10.5″ at it’s widest point and is 4″ tall. All are heavy for their small size and use 1/4″ thick steel panels that hold the glass. It’s Illuminated with 2 round bulbs in double porcelain sockets. $475 each

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