Early Electrics Acquires Original 1914 Chandeliers From Lord & Taylor’s 5th Avenue Store.

Lord & Taylor has been a 5th Avenue landmark for over 100 years. This flagship store was an important part of “The Avenue” and will be missed. The store’s exterior was Landmarked but not the interior… So these lamps were the only original items from the building that were sold. They were located on the main selling floor and entrance and are theĀ  from 1914. These lamps were once gas and later electrified. We were lucky to acquire a nice collection of these impressive fixtures… It’s something that will not happen again. Each lamp is bronze with a heavy 26″ milk glass shade. Own a piece of New York History. The lamps are now on display at our Peekskill NY showroom. To inquire call Steve at 914-257-1664.



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