Fred Eisner is a Thief

Fred Eisner is a machinist and fabricator in Yonkers New York. He does many things including the building of steam engines. He is also in the business of buying and selling machine tools under the name “Pre Owned Tool Emporium”.  As talented as he is I feel the need to write this blog and as it turns out I’m not the only one to do so. This is a warning to those of you doing or thinking of doing any business with this person. He demands full payment in advance and never delivers. Others have bought from him and received merchandise that was totally misrepresented. Fred Eisner took $8000 from us to fabricate a custom lamp and we never heard from him again. In addition at the end of the year when our accountant asked for a W9 form Fred refused and claims he does not need to pay taxes. If you’re a decorator or architect… This is the kind of supplier that can loose you a client.

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