Amazing Drop-Down Frink Mirrored Reflector Lamp

I’ve been doing this a while and in all the years I rarely get my hands on an example one like this. The mirrored ring of reflectors has a 35 inch diameter. All the original mirrors are there with no replacements and a wonderful rustic patina. The chained and perfectly balanced counter weight works smoothly […]

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Our New Double Magnifying Glass Pendent

This lamp is totally unique there is nothing out there like it. It takes a single standard bulb that appears larger in the thick magnifying glass. With an antique style filament bulb the look is mesmerizing. Each glass lens is almost 2 inches thick. The lamp was inspired by and has the feel of early […]

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Early Electrics Part of Groundbreaking Southampton Show

The Southampton Arts Center will be hosting a show called “Odd Beauty… The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk Art+Design”.¬†This uniquely exclusive exhibit will present works from the most notable Steampunk artists and designers in the field with paintings, fashion, sculpture, devices, and contraptions extraordinaire. In addition samples from the Radio-Guy,¬†Early Electrics and Steve Erenberg collections will […]

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Parisian Prismatic Globe Street Light

These iconic Mid-Century prismatic spheres once lighted the thoroughfares of Paris. If you have spent time there you know these lamps well. Since being saved from their lamp posts, these Industrial globes have been rewired for modern, indoor use. They are the original and are signed Europhane. We love this type of prismatic glass because […]

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Remarkably Rare 1800s Adams-Bagnall Street Lamps

If you search the internet for this Adams-Bagnall street lamp you will find out just how rare these are. They are on every lamp collectors wish list. It’s nice to hang a rare lamp but it still needs to look great as well. I think this was one of the most striking Industrial lamps made. […]

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Early Electrics Restores Lighting at Historic Landmark

  70 Pine Street is one of New York City’s Art Deco gems. Important decorative details on this Pre-WWII skyscraper are the monumental sconces over the building entrances. When Rose Associates started restoration they discovered that many of the glass panels were missing or broken. Early Electrics was called in to recreate these large unique […]

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