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Elegant White on White 17 Inch Pendent

What other early lamp can compare to the simple elegance of white milk glass and white porcelain. This large 17 inch diameter glass shade coupled with a nicely detailed white porcelain 3 bulb cluster make a perfect combination. This is considered the quintessential lighting often found in stores and municipal buildings in the early part […]

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Opery Multibeam – Operating Room Lamp

Some consider this lamp the “Holy Grail” of industrial lighting and typical of the rare odd objects and lamps you will find on my web pages. You can’t make a more dramatic visual statement than this lamp! The cast iron ball head has 5 lenses and reflectors. Each lens has a large mirror on an […]

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Huge Super Flat Milk Glass and Copper Pendent

Even if this amazing pendent lamp didn’t have it’s beautiful oversized curved copper shade holder. Even if it had only one bulb instead of a vertical 3 bulb cluster… this would be something special. You just don’t find milk glass with a 19″ diameter and this horizontal. When looking for industrial milk glass shades you […]

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