We don’t want to be the largest… just the most unique.

“Where do you find this wild stuff?” We hear that all the time and not just from customers. We hear it from many dealers we know. After all these years the items almost find us. Pictured above are two perfect examples.
Lamps: Have you ever seen lamps like these? I’m told that these lights were used as wall washers for a muralist. I’m guessing they were designed to flood even light over a large work area… whatever job that may be. Straight up and down they stand 7 foot tall and can raise to 9 foot. The lamp can also tilt and swing in all directions. It’s hard enough to find one… We have a matching pair… $1600 each
Table: This ornate scroll saw table is one of the earliest I’ve seen outside a museum. I’d guess it dates to the period around the “Industrial Revolution”-(1820-1870). The saw most likely ran on steam power with a leather belt. It’s highly decorative cast iron legs and original wood table top make this a real stand out. You just don’t see industrial mechanical furniture with this much character. The original 42 inch x 38 inch wood top has an amazing patina. It’s a look that can’t be duplicated and takes 100s of years and 1000s of hours to produce. It stands 39 inches tall. The machines wood and metal parts are all in working order. I was told that this table originally came from a foundry and was used to make the complex wooden originals used for casting iron parts… $3200

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