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Huge Early Fraternal Alter Lamp

I am told that this Alter piece was used as the focal point in ceremonies and is from “The Order of the Eastern Star”. This woman’s fraternal organization is in some way connected with the Masons. It is both a spectacular lamp and secret society icon. A 12 inch diameter hand painted and etched stained […]

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1910 X-Ray Tube Stand – Converted To Floor lamp

This is an original and untouched 1800’s X-Ray tube stand. The 3 cast iron claw foot legs are signed “Campbell Brothers”. The stand and articulated arm are chunky hand turned fittings. The tightening threads are also wood and a typical detail found on the earliest electrical medical or scientific apparatus. The stand all by itself […]

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Sun Lamps to read by.

Sun/Heat lamps do have a distinctive look. Early examples were mostly found in spas or medical offices and by the 1950’s most were bought for home use. At the time it was thought that concentrated UV light was a good thing. Everyone wore a “healthy tan” all year round but we know differently now. They […]

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