Eren Berg Studios introduces Its new 8 bulb “DeStijl” Inspired Chandelier.

Early Electrics LLC introduces this striking new lamp inspired by the Dutch art movement “De Stijl” (The Style) founded in 1917. Artist Piet Mondrian and architect Gerrit Rietvelt were notable members. Our pendent chandelier is not a copy of an old idea… it’s a fresh take on this early modernest movement. Eren Berg Studios has reduced the essentials of design down to strong horizontal and vertical lines, a stark black and white pallet and simple geometry to create something new. The lamp features an 8 bulb wheel using early style European sockets. The Edison filament bulbs are sandwiched by dual 16 inch diameter clear glass plates. The glass is a perfect frame for the bulbs, it also reflects them. This is the the bare bulb esthetic at its best… pure and simple.   $1200

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